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  • What is Pluto Membership?

    Pluto is a paid membership to access all benefits listed in Pluto App. Benefits from Pluto Credits, appealing experiences in Reward Store, and many interesting offers.

  • How to register as a Pluto member?

    1. Open Pluto App
    2. Click 'Apply to Pluto'
    3. Step 1: Fill your mobile number, enter 4-digit verification code
    4. Step 2: Fill in the first name, last name, and also the password
    5. Fill the Instagram account or LinkedIn account
    6. Fill in your Gender
    7. Fill in your Date of Birth
    8. Promotion Code (if any)
    9. Enjoy amazing Pluto features!


  • Membership

  • What do I get from Pluto Membership?

    Pluto is giving you exclusive offers! You should not miss our in-app offers!

  • I don't want to pay any membership fees. Can I still use Pluto features?

    You can use Pluto App for free through our 7-days free trial. The next step, you can choose to continue or stop your membership options in Pluto App.

  • How much is Pluto's membership fee?

    You can take a look at your apps and see in the 'Membership' menu.

  • How to complete Pluto's membership payment?

    The steps are simple, please fill these steps:

    • 1. Click 'Membership' Menu
    • 2. Choose membership duration you want to get and click 'Subscribe'
    • 3. Choose the payment that you want to use
    • 4. Click 'Confirm'
    • 5. Your membership will be activated once your payment has been verified.

  • Once I have done the membership payment, am I able to get all access and benefits in Pluto App?

    You can access our features such as Credit Payment Receipt, Everyday Receipt, and Reward Store. However, you need to complete your profile with your valid ID Card (KTP), and selfie with ID Card to compete in the Pluto League and the Grand League.

  • I want to end my Pluto Membership. What should I do?

    Hey there, we are sad that you are leaving our app. Your membership will be stopped automatically once you stop paying for the membership package.

  • If my membership ends, what will happen to my Pluto Credit & Pluto Rewards?

    All rewards and credits will be stored in your account with Pluto's Terms & Conditions. You have to renew your membership in order to use your rewards. So, always remember to renew your Pluto's membership.


  • Pluto Credit & Points

  • What is Pluto Credit?

    Pluto Credit is a various rewards that you earn from uploading your payment proof and/or your shopping receipts that have been verified by the system.

    1 Pluto Credit = IDR 1

  • What is the use of Pluto Credit?

    Pluto Credit can be used to purchase various products – including experience related that is only available in Pluto's Reward Store.

  • Why does my Pluto Credit sometimes change in value?

    Your Pluto Credit will automatically be converted to Gold value. Hence, the value can go higher or lower according to current Gold price in the world market. Exciting Right.

  • What is Pluto Point?

    Pluto Point is the point you earned after uploading loan payment receipt or shopping receipt in stores/restaurants. You can use Pluto Points to explore 'Trading Games' and the most exciting part is winning Pluto League and The Grand League.


  • Rewards

  • What is Pluto Reward Store?

    Reward Store is a feature which allows you to purchase curated rewards using Pluto Credits you have been earning in Pluto App.

  • How to make purchases in the Rewards Store?

    You can make your purchases in the Rewards Store by choosing which rewards you would like to have and finalize the payment according to Pluto's Terms & Condition. If you have earned Pluto Credits; Pluto will deduct a certain amount of your Pluto Credits in your purchases.

  • Will my Pluto Credit be deducted when making purchases in Rewards Store?

    Yes, Pluto will automatically deduct your Pluto Credit when you have completed a transaction in Reward Store. Please be aware each reward/voucher has a certain maximum rebate amount that can be deducted from your Pluto Credit.


  • Receipts

  • How to use 'Everyday Receipt' Features?

    1. Open Pluto App. Choose Everyday Receipt and choose to Upload New.
    2. Upload the picture of a receipt.
    Click the camera icon. Check the clarity, visibility, and quality of the receipt and total spending amount.
    3. Enter the total amount you have spent. The total spending has to match the amount printed on the receipt.

    4. Choose your favorite brand. Shop with the brands you love, enjoy your favorite movies, or shop and share your experience with our star rating after your transaction in the store or your favorite shop.
    5. Finally, send.

    After you filling in all receipt details and uploading your receipt, click send. Recheck all information field before your submission.

  • Is there any terms and conditions for 'Everyday Receipt' to be accepted?

    There are conditions in order for your receipt to be accepted:
    1. Upload your receipt on the same day as the day printed on the receipt
    2. Check if the name of the merchant/store is respectively the same
    3. The maximum receipt you can upload is two (2) receipts/day
    4. Keep in mind to not upload a merchant's receipt consecutively (maximum of two same stores in one week; we are doing this to minimize fraud risk)

  • Does Pluto have the right to cancel the 'Everyday Receipt' request?

    We are eligible to cancel your 'Upload Shopping Receipt' Request!

    • 1. If the receipt picture is unclear – too dark or blurry.
    • 2. If your receipt is not being uploaded on the same day as the date printed on the receipt. So, we encourage you to upload your receipt on the same day.
    • 3. If you upload the receipts from the same store in a row
    • 4. If you upload the receipts from the same store more than 2 times in a week
    • 5. If your receipt is considered fraudulent; other people's purchases or wholesale purchases.
    • 6. If your shopping exhibits excessive behavior – too frequent visits.
    • 7. If a part of your receipt is cut.
    • 8. The receipt being uploaded does not match with the brand category.
    • 9. If the total amount entered on Pluto App does not match with the printed amount on the receipt.
  • What is 'Credit Payment Receipt' features?

    Upload Installment/Loan Repayment is an award for those of you who always pay their bills and installments on time. By paying your bills and sharing the receipt to us, in return Pluto gives you Pluto Credit and Pluto Points.

  • 'How to use 'Repayment Upload' features?

    1. Choose 'Credit Payment Receipt.
    2. Click, 'Add new ...'
    3. Click the camera icon in order to upload the payment receipt.
    4. Choose the category that matches the payment receipt: car, motor, e-commerce, online lending, and credit card.
    5. Fill in all the details, current ongoing payment out of total installments, and enter the contract number/credit card number?
    6. Choose the company which you use to get your installments.
    7. Ensure all data entered is correct and choose 'Send' button.

  • Which type of documents are accepted for 'Credit Payment Receipt'?

    We accept most payment documents – payment from minimarts until bank transfer proof.

  • Does Pluto have the right to cancel the 'Credit Repayment Receipt' request?

    We are eligible to cancel your 'Upload Shopping Receipt' Request.

    • 1. If the receipt picture is unclear – too dark or blurry.
    • 2. If the name printed on the document does not match with the name registered under Pluto Account and your Contract Number.
    • 3. If document is not being uploaded on the same month, with a maximum of two weeks after payment has been done. Let's upload your document as soon as possible.
    • 4. If the name printed on the contract does not match ith the name registered under Pluto Account.
    • 5. If you are not uploading an original document of payment – a photocopied document or a payment picture through a screen.
  • Can my Pluto Credits be expired?

    Pluto Credits has an active period of 12 months since the first transaction has been completed. After passing the expiry date, Pluto Credits can't be used.

  • Can my Pluto Points be expired?

    Pluto Points does not have any expiry date. However in order to join and compete in Pluto League, Pluto will always restart the ranking display for both Pluto League and ongoing The Grand League.


  • Games

  • What is 'Trading Game'?

    Trading Games is an asset simulation games from Pluto for you to learn various assets; such as bitcoin in a fun and easy way. You can try Trading Games using your accumulated Pluto Points with a minimum of 10 points per round.

    You can choose to use 'Multiplier' to gain more points. A multiplier will increase the total points a Pluto user is using. The multiplier should not be used when the total number has exceeded total points earned by Pluto user.

    For example, you have a total of 50 points. You can play with an initial of 10 points and an 'x5' Multiplier, or you can play with 25 points and an 'x2' Multiplier, or the last option is for you to play directly with 50 points and an 'x1' Multiplier.

    If you play with an initial of 10 points and an 'x5' multiplier, for every correct prediction you will earn 50 points. If your prediction is wrong, you will lose 50 points.

  • How to play Trading Game?

    1. Choose the Trading Games menu.
    2. Choose the Bitcoin Option.
    3. Decide how many Pluto Points you are going to use and a multiplier.
    Disclaimer: Becareful when using multiplier as you might lose more points.
    4. Choose a prediction if the price is going to be 'Up' or 'Down'.
    5. Choose the simulation time – 60 seconds, 120 seconds, or 300 seconds.
    6. Press Start in order to play.
    7. If your prediction is correct, you will earn initial points you set. If it goes wrong, you will also lose as much.

    If the current market is flat, meaning there is no price difference, we will return your Pluto Points set for that round. Never give up and try again! Now, you learn how the Bitcoin market is. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. If you never try, you will never know.

    There is also this saying, higher risk, higher returns.


  • Other's

  • What is Pluto League and The Grand League?

    Pluto League is a short term competition in Pluto App where we will display all Pluto User's Names and the rank with total accumulated points. User with the highest points in that period will win the periodic prize.

    The Grand League is a long term competition in Pluto app that runs for 1 year long. Users have to accumulate as much points possible within that period.

  • What are the terms and conditions for Pluto League and Grand League Winner?

    Here are some of the terms and conditions to be eligible as Pluto League and Grand League winners. Check this out:

    • Users ought to complete their profile and get their profile validated through Pluto App.
    • Users have a minimum of 1 approved Credit Repayment Receipt.
    • If the winner does not fulfill all the requirements applied, Pluto reserves the right to transfer the prize to the next eligible winner on the leaderboard. Pluto will also redeem the total points from the previous winner to their account.
  • Can I invite my friends to join Pluto App?

    Definitely! You will earn extra Pluto Credit for each of your friends to Pluto App. In order to earn those rewards, your friend has to download Pluto App, Sign up, and explore the features in Pluto App. If our app has detected activities happening in the app, we will send rewards to you and your friend.

    You can invite up to 10 invitations to your friends. Invite your friends, download, sign up, complete the profile, and has completed a minimum of 1 approved transaction. For the first 10 friends that has fulfilled all terms and conditions, they will earn the Pluto Credit (as stated on the app).

    If more than 10 friends have completed their profiles, for each of your friends you will earn Pluto Points per friends.